The Cheat code of Life

What is the cheat code of life ?

How all succesfull mans on the world won their money, relationships, and respect ?

Today isn't that much different from the years 1000, it still work at the same with succefull people and unsuccelfful one's.

But, the thing is that ONE THING have always made the difference between theses two.


Listen carefully, when you are educate, you are powerfull, you are capable and you are VALUABLE. 

How to become educate in the modern world ?

Throught books.

It is a short response isn't it ? but all the things which works are always simple. Throught books, you can speak with all the humanity and the persons who was succefful but who are unfortunatly dead today, you can speak with the death. And you can be the student of all the ancient great leaders, philosophers and sucessfull people. Books are the reel power of this world.

And today, you have access to it, you have access to Audible, Youtube, books on paper, e-books and so much more. 

With Audible and Youtube, you can listen a book instead of read it, powerfull isn't it ?

There is 3 books you should read as soon as possible to become educate and beging your sucessfull road :

1- The Way Of The Superior Man 

This book really opened up my masculine energy. Made me more aware of my core, my center, and the beauty of the two energies that are flowing within every one of us. And the beauty of combining them with a worthy partner.

You can Get it for Free On Audible with the free trial :


2- The Psychology of Money

The psychology of money and investing is a complex and fascinating field that involves understanding how individuals think, feel, and behave in relation to financial decisions. 

Understanding these psychological factors is crucial for investors, as it can help them make more informed and rational decisions. 

Financial education, self-awareness, and a disciplined approach to investing can help mitigate the impact of these psychological biases. 

Additionally, seeking the advice of financial professionals can provide valuable perspectives and guidance.

Free and read with Audible :

3- The 48 Rules of Power

In a nutshell, the most important learning I take from this book and that can be applied to all situations: be mindful that everybody wants to be considered valuable and special. All of us feel insecure. So if you want to get along with people and live free of trouble, watch you words and behaviour, because you might unadvertantly convey you don´t respect or value the person you are talking to. You don´t need to overact this. Just look into the eye, listen, and choose your words.

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